Bio2 - Analysis (Wood product properties)

Micro testing device is testing machine suitable for testing small specimens. The base plate of the testing device is 295x165 mm2 and the height of the device 95 mm. During testing jaw movement and force can be measured. The jaw movement is controlled by stepper motor. The maximum jaw movement speed is 2 mm/min. Force is measured using 10 kN load cell (HMB typ: U9B). Tests can be performed under light microscope.

Micro testing device has been used for example studying shear failure of plywood, measuring swelling stresses of wood and investigating fracture behaviour of wood.

Most standard strength tests for wood and wooden boards are possible to do with the Zwick-MTS materials testing machine, as long as the maximum force does not exceed 100 kN. For specific purposes many non-standard test-settings have been developed.

Glue line bonding quality can be evaluated with the ABES-device. It has been used specially for testing veneer gluing, but is usable for other materials too.

Colour analyser (GretagMacBeth-spectroscan) is used to evaluate the changes on wood surfaces.

Different wood coatings can be tested with Taber-abraser.

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