Bio2 - Analysis (Pulp and paper properties)

Pulp analyses

Pulp analyses include SR, CSF, WRV, FSP, pore size distribution of fiber cell wall, water fractions in fibers.

Drainage and Retention: The Dynamic Drainage Analyzer (DDA) with four dosage units measures drainage, but can simultaneously give retention, wet sheet permeability and the sheet dry solids content of paper pulp, under the conditions simulating paper making. In addition, it can be used to solve drainage problems in other systems.

Paper testing

    Bio2 / Paper testing

    Paper testing: Testing is performed in standard climate (50 % RH, 23 °C). There are also two climatic test cabinets for controlling temperature and humidity of samples. Following paper properties can be tested:

    Mechanical properties

    • Tensile strength, index, TEA
    • Tear strength, -index
    • Burst strength
    • Compression strength, -index   
    • Bending resistance, stiffness       
    • Bonding strength            
    • Fracture toughness   
    • Tensile stiffness index, -orientation             
    • ECT, RCT, CCT 

    Optical properties

    • Spectrofotometric measurements
    • Gloss

    Surface, porous and absorption properties

    • Roughness/smoothness (Bendtsen, PPS, Gurley)
    • Air permeability (Bendtsen, Gurley)
    • Gas permeability profiler (Ambertec)
    • Oil and water absorption (Cobb, Cobb-Unger)
    • Beta formation (Ambertec)
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