Automatic liftups in student content

This page describes how you can use the automatic liftup components in content meant for our students (not for applicants, but e.g. programme pages).

Kindly read first the instructions linked below describing how automatic liftups are used in general. This page only describes what kind of metadata you need to use for student content.

Automatic liftups: news, events & articles

This component helps you create newsfeeds and list upcoming events.

Read the instructions
Screenshot of the article lift-up component example showing four images side-by-side with lead text.

After you have added the Automatice news or Automatic events liftup component to your page, you can filter the news/events shown for different purposes as described below:

  1. To list all student-related news/events:
    • Select the Student guide hub to the relates to field.
  2. To list news/events related to a specific programme:
    • Select the correct programme to the secondary tags field.
      Select the Student guide hub to the relates to field.
  3. To list news/events related to students of a specific school:
    • Select the correct school to the secondary tags field (start typing the school name). Select the Student guide hub to the relates to field in the metadata.
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Communications Services

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