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Veeco Dimension 5000

The Veeco Dimension 5000 scanning probe microscope provides semiconductor, data storage device, and optics manufacturers the ultimate automated tool for large-sample metrology and imaging. The system has an XYZ open-loop scanning head.

This microscope is capable of measuring up to one hundred areas on samples up to 350 mm in diameter. A comprehensive range of AFM and STM techniques enables the Dimension 5000 to detect faults and measure roughness and other features in three dimensions without any sample destruction, pretreatment, or modification. The system has a XYZ open-loop scanning head.

The NanoScope V controller delivers reliable, high-speed data capture of high-pixel-density images (5120 x 5120) union allowing researchers to record and analyze tip-sample interactions that probe nanoscale events at timescales previously inaccessible to SPM. The NanoScope V enables up to eight images to be simultaneously displayed/captured with unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio.

The controller incorporates three independent lock-in amplifiers, provides thermal tune measurements of cantilever resonances up to 2MHz, affords easy access to most input and output signals through front-panel BNCs, and supports input data from an external source.

Veeco Dimension 5000 Information Card




Dimension 5000



Specimen size

Max. 350 mm in diameter.


General purpose and high resolution tips are available.


Prof. Janne Ruokolainen (requests for collaboration and usage)

Technical staff

Dr. Nikolay Houbenov (user training)


See the current price list.


The instrument is available for outside users, such as other departments, universities, VTT, and industry.
It is also possible to buy imaging service.
Contact Prof. Janne Ruokolainen for details.


M. Sc. (Tech.) Patrik Laiho
Room: Nanotalo 102
TEL: +358 50 4396 322
email: [email protected]

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