ACRIS Instructions

Aalto Current Research Information System (ACRIS) is Aalto University’s research information system collecting a wide range of information about University’s research and artistic activities. This is used for internal and external reporting and raising University’s research profile on the web.

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ACRIS support and administration

Checking and editing your profile in ACRIS

Instructions on how to edit your personal ACRIS profile information.

Aalto ELEC, electrochemical measurements, photo Mikko Raskinen

Adding research output to ACRIS

Instructions on how to add different types of research outputs to ACRIS.

Aalto ARTS woodwork exhibition (photo: Mikko Raskinen)

Adding activities to ACRIS

Instructions on how to add activities to ACRIS.

Aalto CHEM HealthTec 3D print (photo: Mikko Raskinen)

Projects and research infrastructures in ACRIS

Instructions on how to add infrastructure and project information to ACRIS

Aalto ENG mechatronics (photo: Mikko Raskinen)

Open access publishing and ACRIS

Instructions on open access publishing in ACRIS

A book and a pen with Aalto logo. Photo by Aino Huovio.

Research data and ACRIS

You can upload and share your datasets in ACRIS. ACRIS may also be used to display metadata of datasets stored in external data repositories.

BIZ public artworks (photo: Mikko Raskinen)

Press/Media and Prizes in ACRIS

You can showcase your press and media appearances and your prizes in ACRIS.

Aalto ARTS pajakuva, photo: Mikko Raskinen

New ACRIS public portal

Functionality of the new portal

A photo of paintbrushes, photo by Mikko Raskinen

Transferring publication information from ACRIS to other webpages

Transferring publication information from ACRIS to other webpages via API

News and tips

ACRIS Tip of the Month

Short hints on ACRIS and related topics.

How to benefit from open access agreements
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