Academy of Finland Data Management Plan (DMP) process

This page contains information on the Data Management Plan (DMP) process of Academy of Finland for the beneficiaries of the Academy of Finland.

Academy of Finland DMP guides and templates


  1. At the application stage you must write a brief description of your data management practices
  2. After a positive funding decision, you must write the actual data management plan (DMP)
    • See above for guides and DMP templates
    • Help and guidance are available from [email protected]
  3. Send the DMP to [email protected] for review in Word format
  4. Research Services must accept the DMP before it can be submitted to the Academy of Finland. The acceptance will be given by e-mail after Research Services has reviewed the DMP. After revisions, send the final DMP to Research Services. 
  5. Submit the final accepted DMP to the Academy of Finland SARA system and accept the funding in SARA. Academy of Finland guidelines for accepting funding (.pdf)


Consortium projects

If Aalto is a coordinator in the research project, the Aalto PI leads the writing of the consortium's joint DMP. To ensure that the partner organizations also have an opportunity to check the DMP, we kindly ask you to coordinate this process with your project partners. Once the process is complete, please submit the DMP to [email protected] for a final check-up by following the steps outlined above. 

If Aalto is a partner in the research project, the coordinating organization will lead the writing of the consortium's joint DMP. Aalto Research Services will be happy to support your DMP writing, and at the same time, ensure that the said DMP follow Aalto policies and practices. Therefore, we kindly ask you to enquire the coordinator about an opportunity to review the DMP before it is submitted to the Academy of Finland. In practice, the finalized DMP can be submitted to [email protected] for a final check-up. It suffices that the coordinating PI submits the DMP to SARA.



Contact [email protected] or join the open DMP consultations on


Tools and additional information

Academy of Finland Data Management Plan InstructionsFinnish DMP evaluation guidance

CSC's Research Data Management online course

  • Requires login, e.g. HAKA for Aalto community
  • A self-study online course providing the basics of research data management. Includes a downloadable certificate once you're finished.

Video playlist by CSC: Introduction to Research Data Management (CSC)

  • No login required
  • Introduction to research data management, data management plans, and CSC data management services.

Funders' open science requirements (see section Academy of Finland)

Aalto University Research Data Management website contains information on: 

  • How to write a DMP
  • How to handle personal data
  • Storage services for research data
  • Data documentation
  • Publishing data
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Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science

Properly managed research data creates competitive edge and is an important part of a high-quality research process. Here you will find links to support, services and instructions for research data management.

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Aalto University Open Science and Research Policy

The goals of open science are responsible research and societal impact.
Open science means open access to scientific publications, research data, methods, software codes, and infrastructure. It is a key instrument for increasing the impact of the research conducted at Aalto University.

Open science and research
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