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This page provides information on Aalto University's academic positions as well as information on support for academic competence development and career planning.
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Academic work at Aalto includes the core functions of the University, namely research and artistic activities, teaching, social impact as well as academic leadership. The responsibilities are emphasized differently depending on the position.

For example, a professor should conduct and supervise scientific research or artistic work, provide teaching based on it, follow the development of science or art, and participate in social interaction and international cooperation in his or her field.

Lecturers, in turn, are primarily responsible for teaching, which is complemented by an agreed combination of research or artistic assignments as well as service and pedagogical leadership roles in the scientific community.

In addition to the above, the university also employs other academic staff, such as professors of practice, adjunct professors and post doctoral researchers. These positions ensure the long-term planning of teaching and research as well as the adequate mobility of researchers in line with the University's strategy. The basic principle at Aalto University is that all the academic staff do both research and teaching.

Academic work and key competences

Subareas of academic work as well as the core competencies are illustrated in the figure below.

    Academic competences


    Support for career and competence development

    The solid knowledge and motivation of the entire staff is a prerequisite for the success of the University. Aalto University supports the competence of its personnel by creating opportunities for development.

    Prerequisites for advancement, annual goals and support for competence development are discussed in objective discussions with the supervisor.

    International mobility and possible periods of study abroad are important part of academic competence development and career planning. Academic staff also draws up an annual work plan for the following academic year together with the supervisor. The work plan records the allocation of working time to different areas of responsibility.

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