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There are long traditions in the academia to invite academic visitors.

Academic visitor is typically an employee from another organisation or a researcher with own grant, to whom Aalto provides a workspace and e.g. possibility to use laboratory / research equipment, research database etc. for a fixed time for his/her own research/artistic activities in other than externally funded projects.

An academic visitor's  position differs from an employees position. That is why it is important to clarify the rights and responsibilities of an academic visitor already before the visit starts.

  • In case you are visiting Aalto University from another university as master/bachelor student or short term (less than 1 month) or visit with named host from Aalto University, the need for visitor contract is estiamted separately.

More information

HR Manager of the School and/or HR Coordinator of the unit

The legal counsels of Research and Innovation Services: Ownership and non-disclosure, taking part in projects funded by organisations external to Aalto

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