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This tutorial video will help you get to know how to handle profiles at

This tutorial introduces the renewed profiles at It includes basic information about access to profiles, editing information such as profile picture or phone number. It also adds some information specific for service and academic personnel.

The profiles have undergone a major revamp. Not only some things have changed visually but now you are able to customise your own profile. On this new feature, you will have the opportunity to control the information displayed on your profile.

Make sure you are logged in at and then you are ready to go by clicking on My profile on the top right corner. You need to know that all the information comes directly from either Workday, or ACRIS database (Aalto Current Information System). In addition to those, the picture of service personnel comes from Aalto People ( So you will have to update those ones first. Note that you cannot edit the information at, nothing is stored in there and you can only choose what information you want to show and how. The information available to display will increase over time since the work on profiles will continue and new features will be available soon.

Picture, phone number and preferred name

If your picture or your phone number are not showing on your profile, it might not have to do with your settings at but rather with the fact that that information is not updated somewhere else. So first, check that your inputs on those other platforms are up to date.

If your phone number is not displayed, go on Workday and add it there. Also, some people have middle names or two surnames. If you want them out, you will have to change that on Workday as well.

If your picture is not showing or you want to change it, you will have to do that on Aalto People (ACRIS database for academic personnel). You first have to upload it there and then choose its visibility at Note that changes might take a short time to show.

About me

You can add a short descriptive text to Workday on what you do at Aalto and on what type of issues you can be contacted on. This text is called "Talent statement" in Workday and you can display it under heading "About me" in your profile. It is hidden by default so after you have written the text in Workday, remember to make it visible at See below instructions on writing the text and "Visibility settings" further down this page.

Adding a talent statement to Workday, and displaying it at

Visibility settings

You can make your profile public, visible only for Aalto community or hide it. If public, it means people both in and outside Aalto University will be able to see it. You can display it only to the Aalto community so outsiders would not see it. Or you can have it hidden from everyone if you do not want your contact details available on the web whatsoever.

Academic personnel can display a few more fields such as areas of expertise, honors/awards and publications. You can show all of them, only the latest or select a few ones. All this information comes from ACRIS, so make sure that you have all of those up to date.

If you have any questions drop a line to [email protected] or join the Teams channel You can also find some more specific needs about Profiles on the FAQ section at website instructions.

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