Aalto tools and training on RDM

Benefit from RDM and open science resources made by Aalto RDM experts to Aalto community.

Below you'll find tools, material and training on RDM and open science under following titles:

  1. Training events for Aalto-community
  2. Roadshows in schools and other school related material
  3. Presentations in departments and research groups
  4. Presentations to doctoral candidates

If you are interested in ordering a training/workshop on RDM and open science, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

For a review of 2018 RDM activities, please read the report attached below. 

1. Training events for Aalto community

6.5.2019: Research Data Management (RDM) training: Introduction and Basics

This training is an introduction to Research Data Management (RDM). You'll learn the important basics of taking care of your research data.

Contents of the training:

  • Introduction to data mismanagement. An entertaining look at the most important factors for a happy relationship with research data (Richard Darst, data-agent, SCI)
  • IT services for data management in Aalto. Information and tips about the IT services available in Aalto to help you manage research data properly (Ilari Lähteenmäki, ITS)
  • How can research data be stored? True story from personal experience. Real example on the organization and storing of research data to files and folders in research projects (Mikhail Kuklin, data advisor, RIS).

Videos and presentation materials of the event

13.5.2019: Research Data Management (RDM) training : best practices in RDM and personal data handling

This training familiarizes you with the best practices in Research Data Management (RDM) and personal data handling.

Contents of the training:

  • Introduction to the RDM practices and services in Aalto. An overview of the services available for Aalto researchers. (Maria Söderholm, information specialist, RIS)
  • The unresolved and undiscussed ethical and legal considerations of research. In theory, there are simple procedures to follow when using personal data, the reality is that research pushes the limits in every direction at once: practical examples and considerations. (Maria Rehbinder, Senior Legal Counsel, Aalto University)
  • Research ethics and personal data handling: practicalities of the process at Aalto with a focus on data minimisation. (Enrico Glerean, data agent, SCI).

Video and presentation materials of the event

14.6.2019: DMP training at 12 - 14 pm, in Learning Centre, room Johanna

Come and learn how to write a data management plan for your grant application!

Nowadays many funders require that you explain in a separate document how you will manage your data. In the session you will learn what the data management plan (DMP) is and what are the management practices you should describe in the plan. The session will focus on the Academy of Finland’s data management requirements and help to prepare for the Academy’s autumn call. However, all who want to learn about data management planning will benefit from the session.

In the DMP training session we will

  • Give an introduction to data management planning.
  • Show how the web based tool DMPTuuli helps in writing the plans. You can make the account in advance, if you wish.
  • Go through the Academy of Finland’s data management requirements and the DMP template.
  • Help you to write your data management plan for the Academy’s autumn call.

Take your laptop with you if you are willing to write your DMP in the session!

See Open science trainings for autumn 2019. The trainings are targeted to anyone interested in open science.

10.9.2019; 22.10.2019; 13.11.2019; 11.12.2019

In the future, you'll find information on open science and RDM training in: https://www.aalto.fi/en/services/training-to-support-research

2. Roadshows in schools and other school related material

During spring 2018 – spring 2019 several open science roadshows have taken place in Aalto.

Below is an example of the material presented during the roadshow at ARTS (30 - 31, October, 2018)

3. Presentations in departments and research groups

Sessions on open science have been carried out in several departments.

4. Presentations for doctoral candidates

Most of the new doctoral students have attended sessions where the basics of open science and RDM have been presented.

Other tools and training

 ACRIS - Information on open access publications are collected in ACRIS. ACRIS is also the metadata catalogue of Aalto's research data.

Visual Resource Centre (VRC) - The VRC service helps to find and use high quality, authentic and current visual information sources from a variety of subjects. The VRC offers free visual resources training open for all Aalto University students, researchers and staff including advice on image copyright issues and Creative Commons licenses.

Research identification, e.g. ORCID - Researcher identifiers aim to lessen the problems caused by ambiguity in researcher names. Aalto University recommends ORCID identifier for every researcher.


Links to research data management instructions

Follow these links to navigate through research data management instructions.

People talking with each other

Introduction to Research data management (RDM) and Open Science

Properly managed research data creates competitive edge and is an important part of a high-quality research process.

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