Aalto TMS facilities - Neuronavigated TMS Systems

Aalto TMS lab's TMS systems includes Visor2 neuronavigation system and two stimulation units: Magstim Bistim² and Super Rapid² Plus¹. Bistim² and Super Rabid² Plus¹ are magnetic nerve stimulators intended for the stimulation of cortical and peripheral nerves for diagnostic and research purposes.

Magstim Bistim²

Bistim² consists of two Magstim 200² units and a Magstim Bistim² Connecting Module. Two units make it possible to output units into two seprate coils or output two units into single coil either as single high energy pulse or as a pair of individual pulses.

Technical Specifications (stimulator output):

Stimulation frequency 0.25 Hz in Bistim mode.
0.50 Hz at 1-49% power output in simultaneous discharge mode.
0.33 Hz at 50-75% power output in simultaneous discharge mode.
0.25 Hz at 76-100% power output in simultaneous discharge mode.
Pulse characteristics mono-phasic, 100 µs rise time, 1 ms duration.
Inter-pulse spacing 0-999 ms or 0-99 ms if controlled by Bistim. Unrestricted if controlled by external software.

Magstim Super Rapid² Plus¹

Rabid² can be used in single pulse, repetitive (rTMS) and session mode. Session mode enables the system to run series of separately defined trains of pulses from a single trigger.

Technical Specifications (stimulator output):

Stimulation frequency 1 Hz at 100% power output in single pulse mode
0.50 Hz at 101-110% power output in single pulse mode
100 Hz at 0-48% power output in repetitive mode
98-41 Hz at 49-100% power output in repetitive mode
Pulse characteristics Biphasic single cosine, 400µs period


Double coil 70mm (x2)

Air cooled coil 70mm

Double cone coil 110mm

MRI coil system


Aalto NeuroImaging Infrastructure

ANI research infrastructure houses four functional neuroimaging modalities, navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) at Aalto TMS, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at Advanced Magnetic Imaging (AMI) Centre, magnetoencephalography (MEG) at MEG Core and Aalto Behavioral Laboratory (ABL).

Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Aalto Behavioral Laboratory (ABL) has various different monitoring and stimulus systems for behavioral studies in controlled environment. The laboratory consists of two measurement rooms: a shielded room which is especially intended for EEG and remote eye tracking measurements; and a room for behavioral measurements which doesn’t require shielded conditions.

AMI Centre

Advanced Magnetic Imaging Centre

AMI Centre maintains a research-dedicated 3T-MRI scanner, develops and maintains the related infrastructure and offers services to multiple research teams. Typical measurements at AMI Centre include functional and structural brain imaging or diffusion tensor imaging. In addition, AMI Centre develops new methods and applications of MRI technology.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

MEG Core

MEG Core offers excellent environment for MEG measurements. MEG Core has a modern 306-channel MEG device (Elekta Neuromag™, Elekta Oy, Helsinki, Finland) in a high-end 3-layered magneticaly shielded roo (Imedco AG, Hägendorf, Switzerland). MEG Core has extremely low magnetic ambient noise level. MEG Core has a wide variety of MEG-compatible stimulators and monitoring devices.

This service is provided by:

Aalto NeuroImaging Infrastructure

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