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Aalto People is a business card that the people at Aalto can use to describe themselves online. For researchers and employees, Aalto People collects information related to them from several Aalto source systems, letting them publish it for viewing by others if they so wish. One of the most important goals of the service is to enhance the visibility of researchers at Aalto University, but even networking inside the university will improve.
Aalto People
Aalto People


  • People are easy to find with a name or keyword

  • Helps find interesting work and study contacts
  • Improves the visibility of employees and research
  • Enables users to review their own information and to correct any inaccurate details
  • Helps users find information about themselves and other people at Aalto from various source systems

The purpose of the service is to help people at Aalto find information about themselves and other Aalto people from various source systems, such as

  • research databases
  • personnel systems
  • course systems
  • other public servers at Aalto

and to enable users to review such information and to correct any inaccurate details at the source. Aalto People is also an easy way for users to publish information about themselves and their areas of interest.

Basic details for the service are imported from, for instance, Aalto University’s research databases. The information will be updated once every 24 hours. People can edit their own information, and they are also able to specify the visibility of their own details. The service has been made an elemental part of the university’s external (, school sites) and internal  online services. For example, departments can compile an up-to-date list of personal profiles on their own websites.

With the Groups tool, users can create subgroups under Aalto People’s school, department and service unit groups. The Groups tool can be used for describing the composition of a research group or team, when information is not easily available from any source system. The desired group can be manually compiled by means of the Groups tool. The details on employees visible at Aalto People can also be automatically displayed on the website.


The service is limited to presenting only individuals with an employment relationship.

The service has two levels: Details that are displayed publicly and information that can be seen with an Aalto log-in. Editing one’s own data requires a log-in.

 People can manage their own details with the following choices:

  • Visible only to me
  • Visible to all the people at Aalto
  • Visible to the whole world

Owner: Media Factory (Web Studio) & Aalto IT

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