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Quality management at the School of Science
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Aalto University maintains and develops a quality management system in order to support its strategic management and to be able to continuously improve its activities on all levels. The  quality system is thus an entity of procedures and processes aimed at safeguarding and improving the quality of the university, its education, its research and other activities.

Development Manager Marja Niemi ([email protected]) and the School's equality and quality group are responsible for quality affairs in the School of Science.

The equality and quality group supports the Dean in developing the school’s quality assurance policy and manuals. The group makes recommendations on areas of development and supports the annual development cycle at the School of Science. The group is also responsible for the equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School, including the annual SCI EQU action plan.

Members of the equality and quality group 2020-2022

Development Manager Marja Niemi (chair)

Communications Specialist Minna Tiainen

Academic Coordinator Bernadette Gehl-Väisänen

Senior University Lecturer Stina Giesecke

Academic Coordinator Niina Idänheimo

Staff Scientist Martin Lennox 

Academic Coordinator Jaakko Järvinen

Professor Iiro Jääskeläinen

HR Specialist Helena Knuuttila

Manager of Study Affairs Mari Knuuttila

Professor Jose Lado

Senior University Lecturer Kirsi Peltonen

Doctoral Candidate Elena Shaw

Doctoral Candidate Artturi Tilanterä

Academic Coordinator Kaija Virolainen 

Student members in 2022: Alli Kolho and Tuomas Poutanen

Governance page of  Aalto University serves as Aalto Handbook. It consists of descriptions of the university's activities, processes and organization, as well as quality assurance.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in School of Science

How are equality issues managed at the School of Science?

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