School of Chemical Engineering

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Chemical Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering aims to offer everyone an equal operating environment in which employees and students representing different genders, positions and backgrounds are treated equally. The joint objective is to have a good studying and working atmosphere prevail at the university. In its own part, equality work promotes the sustainable social and cultural development of Aalto University.
Aalto students and campus_photo: Unto Rautio

The Aalto University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan (EDI plan) supports the continuous promotion of equality and inclusion at the Aalto University. The EDI plan is based on the strategy and values of the university. The EDI Committee of Aalto University supports the planning, implementation and monitoring of Aalto University’s values and equality. Development Manager of the school represents School of Science in the committee.

To support the fulfilment and follow-up of the objectives of the EDI plan, the EDI Committee prepares a separate implementation plan that is revised on an annual basis. The schools and joint units prepare their own practical action plans based on the university's EDI plan.

The School of Chemical Engineering is committed to advance and promote EDI work and goals. The School's EDI group make annually an EDI implementation plan that is based on the Aalto University Equality Plan 2022-2024.

Equality group 2019-2022

Development Manager Marjo Kettunen, chair
Professor Mari Lundström
Professor Ville Alopaeus ( Professor Jaana Vapaavuori)
University teacher Emmi Ollila (Planning officer Sirje Liukko)
Postdoctoral researcher Maryam Borghei
HR-coordinator Alice Björklund
Academic coordinator, Platform manager Heidi Henrickson
Research Engineer  Kimmo Karinen
Student member.

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto

We aim to be a diverse and inclusive community where all students, faculty, staff and stakeholders feel a sense of belonging and can fulfill their professional, educational and social aspirations fully.

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Kuvassa eri-ikäisiä ja erimaalaisia ihmisiä työskentelemässä yhdessä. Kuva: Aleksi Poutanen
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