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At the School of Chemical Engineering, we combine natural sciences and engineering in a unique way. This enables us to refine our research results a long way and put them into practice as sustainable and innovative products and processes.

The Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering carries this mission into effect by studying sustainable exploitation of natural resources and by educating responsible experts in this area. CHEM Vision 2020: The School of Chemical Engineering carries out world class research and education with multidisciplinary mindset in the science and engineering of natural resources for circular economy and bioeconomy.

The School has identified seven focus areas for the School and the departments to focus their activities on with the aim of strengthening their scientific foundation. In addition, these focus areas give the School a distinctive identity among Finland’s universities of technology. They also support the School’s research and teaching cooperation with the other Aalto Schools and other cooperation partners.    

The strategic focus areas of research and education at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering are

  • Materials science
  • Chemistry
  • Metals Processing
  • Process Engineering
  • Biorefinery
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Biomaterials science

The School’s teaching cuts through the focus areas from a different angle: all the focus areas are built on a wide natural science foundation. The new BSc programme has two majors: Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering.  These majors provide skills required for studies in the majors of the School’s Master’s Programme which further deepen the acquired competencies. The research fields of the Doctoral programme offer students an opportunity to specialise on the themes within the focus areas of the School.

By combining its expertise in natural sciences with its proficiency in engineering sciences the School of Chemical Engineering aims to become a leading European institution studying and teaching the science and technology of industrial processes.

Summary of school's strategy implementation plan for 2017-2020 (see the attachment below)

The strategy work at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering is coordinated by Development Manager.

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