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Doctoral graduates of the School of Business in working life

Doctoral graduates of the School of Business are satisfied with their careers and degree. We follow our doctors' careers in a survey that is conducted 3 years after graduation.

The latest survey explored the careers of doctoral graduates of 2016.
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More than half of doctors work for companies

54 % of the 2016 doctoral graduates of the School of Business who responded to the survey were employed by a private or state-owned corporation. 31 % worked for a university. Less than a tenth worked as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Respondents worked mainly with research. In addition to this, the respondents' tasks related mostly to teaching and education or training and consultancy.

60 % of the respondents agreed that they had required more demanding duties after completing the doctoral degree.

Nine out of ten doctors are satisfied with their degree in terms of their career

As many as 93 % of 2016 doctoral graduates were satisfied with their degree in terms of their career.

80 % of the respondents agreed that their career matches their goals.

Without the degree, I would not have this career and I would not be working with things I want to work with and enjoy working with.

School of Business doctoral graduate of 2016

Skills learned during doctoral education are valuable in working life

87% of the respondents agree that the skills and knowledge they learned during doctoral studies can be applied well in their current job.

According to survey respondents, the most important skills needed in their work were

  1. the ability to learn and absorb new
  2. analytical, systematic thinking skills, and
  3. self-directedness/self-initiative

The respondents agreed they were able to develop these skills well during their doctoral education.

Graduates encourage current doctoral students to network

We also asked the graduates what skills and expertise they would recommend doctoral candidates to acquire for working life. In their responses doctoral graduates emphasised, in particular, the importance of learning how to network.

Graduates also recommended doctoral candidates to strengthen their interpersonal skills as well as presentation skills.

More information on doctoral career tracking

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Manager, Career Services
Advancement and Corporate Engagement
Aalto University
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School of Business Graduates in Working Life

Aalto University School of Business Career Services follows the career development and labor market situation of School of Business graduates.

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