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Aalto Doctoral Programme in Chemical Engineering

The main goal of the Doctoral Programme in Chemical Engineering is to train Doctors and Licentiates of Science (Technology), skilled in independent research work, for positions in academic and business sectors as well as in public administration.
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The Doctoral Programme in Chemical Engineering comprises 7 research fields. The Departments of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and Forest Products Technology  are jointly responsible for the programme. The doctoral programme has its own pages providing information on doctoral studies to both applicants and doctoral candidates.

There are two requirements for the completion of a doctoral degree: an approved doctoral dissertation and theoretical studies required for the degree. The extent of theoretical studies is 40 ECTS credits, comprising two modules.

The main focus of doctoral studies is, however, on research work and the evaluation of research results as well as on publications in peer-reviewed publication series. In a nutshell, the goal of doctoral education is to conduct research that produces new knowledge and, in the process, to become a qualified researcher.

This learning process culminates in a doctoral dissertation and its public defence  under the supervision of reviewers with expertise in the field of the research. You can find the latest Aalto University doctoral dissertations in the field of technology under this link. Advice to applicants is available both on the web pages for studies  and website for the Doctoral Programme in Chemical Technology.

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