Master's Programme in Interior Architecture


Instructions concerning master's thesis

Completing your master's thesis

Before starting to write your thesis, read the instructions below, Master's Thesis Guide (in Finnish here) (in Swedish here) for students and familiarize yourself with copyright issues.

Thesis submission
to supervisor
Thesis presentation Final thesis submission at eAge, evaluation and graduation day
31.10.2022 7.11.2022 21.11.2022
5.12.2022 12.12.2022 30.12.2022
3.5.2023 8.5.2023 29.5.2023
12.6.2023 19.6.2023 31.7.2023
29.9.2023 Mon 9.10.2023 & Tue.10.10.2023 (in case there is plenty of theses) 31.10.2023

Presentation and evaluation

  1. Thesis submission to supervisor
  2. Presentation: Contact your supervisor and inform him/her on which presentation date you are planning to present your thesis. The timetable for the presentations will be informed by the major before the presentation day. Thesis presentation is mandatory to do before you leave the thesis for evaluation (Thesis can't be evaluated in case presentation is missing)
  3. Evaluation / Final thesis submission at eAGE: Save your final thesis at eAGE following the deadlines stated above due 23:59 o'clock.
  4. Apply graduation at Sisu, in case you intend to graduate (Kindly note that there can't be any error messages at this stage, so kindly check your degree structure well in advance)


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