Master's Programme in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design

This site contains the student study guide for the Master's Programme in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design. Here you will find the programme curriculum as well as detailed guidelines for planning your studies. All the materials and instructions are for the students in the programme.

This programme does not exist anymore. Last possibility to graduate from this programme is by 31.10.2023.

Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design is now one of the majors of the Master's Programme in Design. Please see the information for Major in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design in the Master's Programme in Design page.


Master's Programme in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design is organized by the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design (FaCT) is one of the three majors of the Master’s Programme in Design. Grounded on research-based knowledge on the societal, cultural and global change, the studies in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design nurture creative exploration and conceptual thinking on a high artistic and professional level. Moreover, the major provides understanding of the global industry and its impact on environment, society and business. Students are challenged to explore multidisciplinary collaboration and possibilities of new technologies, new materials and innovative design solutions.

Aalto University is now ranked 6th in the world in the field of art and design by QS World University Ranking. The world-class teaching and facilities ensure that, upon graduating from the study option, graduates are able to:

  • Reconsider and reshape the current state-of-the-art in the field of textiles and fashion
  • Proactively and creatively evaluate future socio-technical challenges and innovate new sustainable and culturally inclusive design solutions for the global field of textiles and fashion
  • Identify their own aesthetic approach and find their own creative voice in the field of textiles and fashion
  • Practice experimental, practice based and conceptual approaches in fashion and textile design
  • Display the skills and attitude to co-innovate, cooperate and communicate with various stakeholders
  • Apply design and process management skills and verge strategic and systemic thinking in product and material development
  • Create future oriented products, services and systems as a member of a multidisciplinary or trans-disciplinary team and/or as an individual designer
  • Combine creativity, curiosity, continuous renewal and expression with analytical skills and practice
  • Understand how to lead and communicate design-driven, often complex processes with empathy, critical thinking and research-founded reasoning
  • Comprehend how design contributes to socio-material transformations for a sustainable future
  • Undertake design research to build knowledge to support and justify the practical work, and to possibly apply for education leading to a Doctor of Arts degree


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