Master's Programme in Architecture

Curriculum 2020–2022

The master’s degree consists of

  • Major studies:
    • Advanced major studies 60 cr
    • Thesis 30 cr
  • Elective studies 30 cr

Structure of the Master's Degree Programme

Advanced Studies

Code: ARTS21.M
Credits: 90 op.
Responsible Professor: Professori Toni Kotnik

Elective Studies

Students choose 30 ECTS of elective studies. As elective studies, students can complete minor studies and/or take individual courses from other programmes at Aalto University or other Finnish universities, participate in an international student exchange programme, do an internship in Finland or abroad, or take elective courses offered by student’s own programme/major.

Note. At least 15 ects should be from the architectural field. Kindly note that training is not counted as architectural study.


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