Zhongsen Li

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Staff Scientist
T214 Civil Engineering
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  • Mineral Based Materials and Mechanics, Staff Scientist


Investigation of the Internal Structure of Hardened 3D-Printed Concrete by X-CT Scanning and Its Influence on the Mechanical Performance

Yanjuan Chen, Jukka Kuva, Ashish Mohite, Zhongsen Li, Hubert Rahier, Fahim Al-Neshawy, Jiangpeng Shu 2023 Materials

Valorisation of dune sand-tuff for Saharan pavement design

Elhadj Guesmia Daheur, Zhongsen Li, Abdellah Demdoum, Said Taibi, Idriss Goual 2023 Construction and Building Materials

Compressibility and shear strength of a tropical fibrous peat

Z. S. Li, W. Rahayu, H. Souli, B. S. Soepandji, J. M. Fleureau 2022 Geotechnique Letters

Radial deformation and failure of stabilised soft clay under uniaxial compression

Zhong Sen Li, Yinning Zhang, Mateusz Janiszewski, Leena Korkiala-Tanttu 2022 SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS

Hydro-mechanical behavior from small strain to failure of tuffs amended with dune sand - application to pavements design in Saharan areas

Elhadj Guesmia DAHEUR, Said TAIBI, Idriss GOUAL, Zhongsen Li 2021 Construction and Building Materials

Using FBGS to estimate the horizontal response of a monopile in a geotechnical centrifuge

Zhongsen Li, Matthieu Blanc, Luc Thorel 2020 International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics