Vahid Arabzadeh

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
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  • Wood Material Science, Postdoctoral Researcher


Deep decarbonization of urban energy systems through renewable energy and sector-coupling flexibility strategies

Vahid Arabzadeh, Jani Mikkola, Justinas Jasiūnas, Peter D. Lund 2020 Journal of Environmental Management

Modelling city-scale transient district heat demand by combining physical and data-driven approach

Peter D. Lund, Vahid Arabzadeh 2020 Applied Thermal Engineering

TanDEM-X multiparametric data features in sea ice classification over the Baltic sea

Marjan Marbouti, Oleg Antropov, Jaan Praks, Patrick B. Eriksson, Vahid Arabzadeh, Eero Rinne, Matti Leppäranta 2020 GEO-SPATIAL INFORMATION SCIENCE

A cost-optimal solar thermal system for apartment buildings with district heating in a cold climate

Vahid Arabzadeh, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen 2019 International Journal of Sustainable Energy

Energy system impact of wind power with curtailment

Sannamari Pilpola, Vahid Arabzadeh, Peter D. Lund 2019 International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies

A novel cost-optimizing demand response control for a heat pump heated residential building

Vahid Arabzadeh, Behrang Alimohammadisagvand, Juha Jokisalo, Kai Sirén 2018 BUILDING SIMULATION