Tulin Dzhengiz

Postdoctoral researcher
E706 Dept. Management Studies
Postdoctoral researcher

I am interested in research on sustainability in organisations. In my PhD, I have focused on how firms can use the space of alliance portfolios to address various sustainability challenges such as climate change, biodiversity, access to clean and affordable energy. My PhD has focused specifically in the context of energy companies in the UK and in Northern Europe. Alliance portfolios include a variety of actors such as NGOs, public authorities and universities, and therefore, I am generally interested in cross-sector interactions. At the same time, to address sustainability challenges, firms engage with other for-profit organisations including their customers, suppliers and competitors. Therefore, I have also researched sustainability partnerships that can be considered within the supply chain or marketing domains. This broad approach of sustainable alliance portfolios allowed me to understand the role different inter-organisational relationships in sustainability transitions.  

I am currently continuing my research career at Aalto University as a PostDoctoral Researcher. Specifically, I work at the Finix project and in this new and exciting role, I aim to explore the circular economy ecosystems in the context of textiles. 


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