Tuija Peltomaa

A899 School common, ARTS

MA from the University of Helsinki in 1996. Major in art history. Secondary subjects aesthetics and philosphy. Has been working as a teacher, lecturer, writer and as a specialist in art, design and antiques in the media as well as the art market. Has twenty years of experience of evaluating art, design and antiques and is now exploring the question of value and its underlying mechanisms

Interested in transnational art, global art histories, contemporary art, and the effects of art collecting and cultural tourism on global contemporary art. Working on the queston of migration and diaspora, due to earlier research of the ceramic artist Michael Schilkin and the marine painter Oscar Kleineh. What it takes from an emigrant or a refugee to be able to pursue and obtain status as an artist in a new homeland and foreign culture?

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6132 Visual arts and design, 6 Humanities

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Teacher of the Year

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Art Jun 2016

Diploma, The Most Beautiful Book of The Year

Diploma in the Competition "The Most Beautiful Finnish Books in 2007" for "The Light of Art – Roots in Tradition, Focus on the Future", Tuija Tervo (today Peltomaa) author, together with Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu, graphic design, jacket and binding design and Fortum Art Foundation, publisher
Invitation or ranking in competition Department of Art Mar 2008


Meri vie, meri tuo

Tuija Peltomaa 2019

Mikä arvoksi Antiikille, taiteelle ja vanhoille tavaroille

Tuija Peltomaa, Christine Hansson, Erik Karlsson 2013

Adolf Bock

Tuija Peltomaa 2010

Taiteen valo

Tuija Tervo, Ari Lakaniemi, Susanna Rumpu 2007

Jugendin huonekalut ja Eliel Saarisen kokonaisvaltainen jugend

Tuija Tervo, Pirjo Hämäläinen, Marketta Tamminen, Maire Heikkinen, Marika Hausen, Kati Heinämies, Tauno Tarna, Kaisa Koivisto, Raimo Fagerström, Bernt Morelius, Maija-Liisa Ripatti, Leena Svinhufvud, Kari-Paavo Kokki 2006 Suomen Antiikkiesineet