Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Aalto Thesis Coordinator / Project Employee

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My worktime is divided between Aalto Thesis and Aalto Online Learning. Below, you will find more detailed descriptions of both.

Aalto Thesis

I'm working as Aalto Thesis Coordinator. In Aalto Thesis, I organize collaborative projects between work-life organizations and Aalto Thesis student teams. My responsibilities include student marketing, contacting partner organizations, and project management and coordination.

Aalto Thesis is developed as part of Learning Challenge Aalto, which is one of Aalto's strategic initiatives. I also take part in LCA's and Teaching Lab's actions, such as [email protected] event organizing.

Aalto Online Learning

In Aalto Online Learning strategic initiative, I work as project employee. My responsibilities are marketing, communications, pilot coordination, and event organization.


I'm freshly graduated Master of Social Sciences from University of Helsinki (2019). My major was Social and Public Policy.