Sheng Dai

E704 Dept. Information and Service Management
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Variable selection in convex quantile regression: L1-norm or L0-norm regularization?

Sheng Dai 2023 European Journal of Operational Research

Convex support vector regression

Zhiqiang Liao, Sheng Dai, Timo Kuosmanen 2023 European Journal of Operational Research

Misallocation of labor and capital in Finland’s business sector

Sheng Dai, Natalia Kuosmanen, Tero Kuusi, Timo Kuosmanen, Juuso Liesiö, Terhi Maczulskij 2022

pyStoNED: A Python package for convex regression and frontier estimation

Sheng Dai, Yu-Hsueh Fang, Chia-Yen Lee, Timo Kuosmanen 2021

Production quota policy in China

Jiahui Yi, Sheng Dai, Jinhua Cheng, Qiaosheng Wu, Kailei Liu 2021 RESOURCES POLICY

Forward-looking assessment of the GHG abatement cost: Application to China

Sheng Dai, Xun Zhou, Timo Kuosmanen 2020 Energy Economics

How much climate policy has cost for OECD countries?

Timo Kuosmanen, Xun Zhou, Sheng Dai 2020 WORLD DEVELOPMENT

Can low-carbon city construction facilitate green growth?

Jinhua Cheng, Jiahui Yi, Sheng Dai, Yan Xiong 2019 Journal of Cleaner Production

Marginal Abatement Cost of Carbon Dioxide China: Application of Asymmetric Convex Regression

Sheng Dai, Timo Kuosmanen, Xun Zhou 2018 Energy Exploitation and Cooperation in Asia, 6th IAEE Asian Conference, November 2-4, 2018