Riku Vahala

Riku Vahala

T213 Built Environment

Professor Riku Vahala's research interests include water and wastewater engineering, drinking water quality and drinking water treatment.

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Water and wastewater engineering, Drinking water quality, Drinking water treatment


Evaluating the nitrogen-contaminated groundwater treatment by a denitrifying granular sludge bioreactor : effect of organic matter loading

Barbara Muñoz-Palazon, Alejandro Rodriguez-Sanchez, Miguel Hurtado-Martinez, Jesús Gonzalez-Lopez, Riku Vahala, Alejandro Gonzalez-Martinez 2021 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH

Data analytics in control and operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants: qualitative analysis of needs and barriers

Sanni Eerikäinen, Henri Haimi, Anna Mikola, Riku Vahala 2020 Water Science & Technology

Low-Temperature Adapted Nitrifying Microbial Communities of Finnish Wastewater Treatment Systems

Antonina Kruglova, Jenni Kesulahti, Minh Le, Alejandro Gonzalez Martinez, Anna Mikola, Riku Vahala 2020 WATER

Decreased natural organic matter in water distribution decreases nitrite formation in non-disinfected conditions, via enhanced nitrite oxidation

Pirjo Liisa Rantanen, Minna M. Keinänen-Toivola, Merja Ahonen, Alejandro González-Martínez, Ilkka Mellin, Riku Vahala 2020 Water research X

The dynamics of nitrite formation via nitrification in the drinking water distribution systems

Pirjo-Liisa Rantanen, Tuula Laakso, Riku Vahala, Ilkka Mellin, Merja Ahonen, Minna M. Keinänen-Toivola 2020 IWA Nutrient Recovery & Removal Conference

Analysis of microbial communities involved in organic matter and nitrogen removal in a full-scale moving bed biofilm reactor located near the Polar Arctic Circle

Alejandro Rodriguez-Sanchez, Barbara Muñoz-Palazon, Miguel Hurtado-Martinez, Anna Mikola, Jesus Gonzalez-Lopez, Riku Vahala, Alejandro Gonzalez-Martinez 2020 International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation

Comparative Study of AI-Based Methods-Application of Analyzing Inflow and Infiltration in Sanitary Sewer Subcatchments

Zhe Zhang, Tuija Laakso, Zeyu Wang, Seppo Pulkkinen, Suvi Ahopelto, Kirsi Virrantaus, Yu Li, Ximing Cai, Chi Zhang, Riku Vahala, Zhuping Sheng 2020 Sustainability

Cost–Benefit Analysis of Leakage Reduction Methods in Water Supply Networks

Suvi Ahopelto, Riku Vahala 2020 Water (Switzerland)

Microbial ecology dynamics of a partial nitritation bioreactor with Polar Arctic Circle activated sludge operating at low temperature

Alejandro Rodriguez-Sanchez, Barbara Muñoz-Palazon, Miguel Hurtado-Martinez, Paula Maza-Marquez, Jesus Gonzalez-Lopez, Riku Vahala, Alejandro Gonzalez-Martinez 2019 Chemosphere

UV-illuminated Adsorption of Natural Organic Mater from Lake Water by Nano Titanium Dioxide Enabled Alginate Beads

Roza Yazdani, Riku Vahala, Jarkko Etula, Aino Peltola, Julie B. Zimmerman 2019 IWA Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Water