Riccardo Iorio

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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Numerical study of limits of neoclassical theory in the plateau regime in the presence of impurities

Riccardo Nicolò Iorio, T. P. Kiviniemi, E. Hirvijoki, L. Chône, S. Janhunen, F. Albert, S. Leerink 2024 Contributions to Plasma Physics

Revisiting the improved core confinement simulations for FT-2 tokamak

Riccardo Nicolò Iorio, Laurent Chône, Evgeniy Gusakov, Timo P. Kiviniemi, Serguey Lashkul, Susan Leerink 2022 Contributions to Plasma Physics

Dispersion relation for gauge-free electromagnetic drift kinetics

Filippo Zonta, Riccardo Iorio, Joshua W. Burby, Chang Liu, Eero Hirvijoki 2021 Physics of Plasmas