Rami Hannu Tapio Pohja

Doctoral Candidate
Doctoral Candidate
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Doctoral Candidate


Modelling for Creep Cavitation Damage and Life of Three Metallic Materials

Rami Pohja, Pertti Auerkari, Pedro Vilaça 2022 MATERIALS AT HIGH TEMPERATURES

Corrosion resistance of Kanthal A-1 and Fe-12Cr-2Si alloy coatings in Cl-containing environment

Teemu Sarikka, Risto Ilola, Rami Pohja, Hannu Hänninen 2013 Baltica IX, June 11-13, 2013, Helsinki-Stockholm

Narrow Gap Arc Welding Experiments of Thick Copper Sections

Rami Pohja, Heikki Vestman, Petra Jauhiainen, Hannu Hänninen 2003