Pavel Novikov

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Accuracy and precision of navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation

Aino E. Nieminen, Jaakko O. Nieminen, Matti Stenroos, Pavel Novikov, Maria Nazarova, Selja Vaalto, Vadim Nikulin, Risto J. Ilmoniemi 2022 JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING

Forearm and Hand Muscles Exhibit High Coactivation and Overlapping of Cortical Motor Representations

Gabriela P. Tardelli, Victor H. Souza, Renan H. Matsuda, Marco A.C. Garcia, Pavel A. Novikov, Maria A. Nazarova, Oswaldo Baffa 2022 Brain Topography

Effect of stimulus orientation and intensity on short-interval intracortical inhibition (SICI) and facilitation (SICF)

Sergei Tugin, Victor H. Souza, Maria A. Nazarova, Pavel A. Novikov, Aino E. Tervo, Jaakko O. Nieminen, Pantelis Lioumis, Ulf Ziemann, Vadim V. Nikulin, Risto J. Ilmoniemi 2021 PloS one