Paola Cabrera Viancha

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Hourly paid Teacher
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Design + Craft + Artisan Communities = Sustainable development of cultural diversity

Paola Cabrera Viancha 2005 Pride and Pre-Design - The Cultural Heritage and the Science of Design Conference proceedings; CORTE-REAL, Eduardo (eds.)

Design + Craft + Artisan Communities = sustainable development of cultural identities

Paola Cabrera Viancha 2004 Challenging Craft International Conference 8.-10.9.2004 - Proceedings

Entrepreneurship & Artisan Communities: Design for sustainable development of cultural identities.

Paola Cabrera Viancha 2004 Entrepreneurship and Design - CUMULUS Spring Conference 2004

Artisan communities: A role for designers in the sustainability of knowledge and identity

Paola Cabrera Viancha 2003 5th European Academy of Design EAD Conference