Neha Sayed

Neha Sayed

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Architecture, Design research, Media studies, Ethnography, Geospatial data analysis, Urban design, Urban planning, Participatory design, Folklore studies, Cultural history, Internet of Things, 518 Media and communications, 519 Social and economic geography, Media and communication research, Social and cultural geography, urban studies, regional studies

Honors and awards

Panasonic Design Challenge

Runner-up in an IoT design competition called ‘Panasonic Design Challenge’ co-hosted by DesignSpark, UK and Panasonic, Germany.
Invitation or ranking in competition Department of Design Jan 2019


'Open narratives'

Neha Sayed, Lily Diaz-Kommonen 2017 Open Design for E-very-thing

The Performative approach to design: beyond the legacy of modernism and Corbusier

Neha Sayed, Salil Sayed, Tero Heikkinen 2011 proceedings of Conference on Contemporary Architecture Beyond Corbusierism 14-16 October, 2011/ Chandigarh, INDIA

Experience of togetherness and posthuman ontology

Salil Sayed, Neha Sayed, Turkka Keinonen 2009 DPPI 09. 4th international Conference onDesigning Pleasurable Products and Interfaces, Compiegne, France, 13-16 October 2009.