Marja Elonheimo
Dean's Unit of the School of Electrical Engineering

Marja Elonheimo

Pedagogical specialist


I work as a pedagogical developer and educator at the School of Electrical Engineering. I am a member of the Teaching Quality committee (OpLaa) of the School of Electrical Engineering and take part in teaching skills assessments in the recruitment and during the tenure track.
You can contact me if you are in ELEC and wonder how you could develop your own teaching skills.


01/2015 - 12/2018

I worked in the Learning Services of School of Business as a team leader for Core services team and as a planning officer for the first year bachelor students.

03 - 12/2014 (I continued teaching in the pedagogical courses until 12/2015)

I worked in the university pedagogy training team, and my tasks were mainly related to the Aalto University Pedagogical Training I (25 credits) -entity. In addition, my work included teaching competence assessment tasks. I was the pedagogical contact person for the Aalto University School of Science from our team.

08/2011 - 02/2014

I came to Aalto University and started working here as a study coordinator at the Department of Management and International Business in the School of Busines.