Leo McCormack

Doctoral candidate
Dept Signal Process and Acoust
Doctoral candidate
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Otakaari 5 02150 Espoo Finland

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Best peer-reviewed paper award

AES 144th Convention, Milan, Italy.<br/><br/>Award presented to: Leo McCormack (Aalto University – Espoo, Finland), Symeon Delikaris-Manias (Aalto University – Helsinki, Finland), Angelo Farina (Università di Parma – Parma, Italy), Daniel Pinardi (Università di Parma – Parma, Italy) and Ville Pulkki (Aalto University – Espoo, Finland)<br/><br/>For paper: "Real-Time Conversion of Sensor Array Signals into Spherical Harmonic Signals with Applications to Spatially Localised Sub-Band Sound-Field Analysis"
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics May 2018


Higher-Order Spatial Impulse Response Rendering: Investigating the Perceived Effects of Spherical Order, Dedicated Diffuse Rendering, and Frequency Resolution

Leo McCormack, Ville Pulkki, Archontis Politis, Oliver Scheuregger, Marton Marschall 2020 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Applications of Spatially Localized Active-Intensity Vectors for Sound-Field Visualization

Leo McCormack, Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Archontis Politis, Despoina Pavlidi, Angelo Farina, Daniel Pinardi, Ville Pulkki 2019 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Sharpening of Angular Spectra Based on a Directional Re-assignment Approach for Ambisonic Sound-field Visualisation

Leo McCormack, Archontis Politis, Ville Pulkki 2019 44th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2019; Brighton; United Kingdom; 12-17 May 2019 : Proceedings

SPARTA & COMPASS: Real-Time Implementations of Linear and Parametric Spatial Audio Reproduction and Processing Methods

Leo McCormack, Archontis Politis 2019 2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio

Real-time underwater spatial audio

Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Leo McCormack, Ilkka Huhtakallio, Ville Pulkki 2018 144th Audio Engineering Society International Convention 2018

Spatially Localized Direction of Arrival Estimation

Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Leo McCormack, Despoina Pavlidi, Athanasios Mouchtaris 2018 Euronoise 2018, the 11th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, Crete, Greece

Real-time conversion of sensor array signals into spherical harmonic signals with applications to spatially localised sub-band sound-field analysis

Leo McCormack, Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Angelo Farina, Daniel Pinardi, Ville Pulkki 2018 144th Audio Engineering Society Convention 2018

FFT-based dynamic range compression

Leo McCormack, Vesa Välimäki 2017 Proceedings of the 14th Sound and Music Computing Conference

Parametric acoustic camera for real-time sound capture, analysis and tracking

Leo McCormack, Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Ville Pulkki 2017 Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

Enhancement of ambisonic binaural reproduction using directional audio coding with optimal adaptive mixing

Archontis Politis, Leo McCormack, Ville Pulkki 2017 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics