Lassi Hällström

Doctoral Candidate
Doctoral Candidate
T411 Dept. Electronics and Nanoeng
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  • Ilkka Tittonen Group, Doctoral Candidate


Multiphysics simulation explaining the behaviour of evaporation-driven nanoporous generators

L. Hällström, T. Koskinen, C. Tossi, T. Juntunen, I. Tittonen 2022 Energy Conversion and Management

Computational Study Revealing the Influence of Surface Phenomena in p-GaAs Water-Splitting Cells

Lassi Hällström, Camilla Tossi, Ilkka Tittonen 2021 Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Photodeposition of RuOx Nanostructures on TiO2 Films with a Controllable Morphology

Erich Michael See, Camilla Tossi, Lassi Hällström, Ilkka Tittonen 2020 ACS Omega

Size- and density-controlled photodeposition of metallic platinum nanoparticles on titanium dioxide for photocatalytic applications

Camilla Tossi, Lassi Hällström, Jorma Selin, Marko Vaelma, Erich See, Jouko Lahtinen, Ilkka Tittonen 2019 Journal of Materials Chemistry A