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Kati Laakso

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I currently work as a Data Advisor at Open Science and ACRIS Team. My main responsibilities are the coordination of the data agent network and research data management training.

You can contact me in any issues related to research data management and open science. My areas of expertise include research data management, open science, geoinformatics and remote sensing.

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1171 Geosciences


Enhanced quantification of wollastonite and calcite in limestone using fluorescence correction based on continuous wavelet transformation for Raman

Kati Laakso, Lasse Kangas, Heikki Hakkanen, Saara Kaski, Jussi Leveinen 2020 APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY REVIEWS

Assessing the ability to combine hyperspectral imaging (HSI) data with Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA) data to characterize phosphate rocks

Kati Laakso, Maarit Middleton, Thomas Heinig, Rainer Bärs, Panu Lintinen 2018 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATION AND GEOINFORMATION