Kalle Lyytinen

Visiting Distinguished Professor
T307 Dept. Industrial Engineering and Management
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Special Issue Editorial

Varun Grover, Kalle Lyytinen 2021 MIS Quarterly Executive

Organizational transformation with intelligent automation

Tapani Rinta-Kahila, Esko Penttinen, Kalle Lyytinen 2021 Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases

Panel 1: To Share or Not to Share: Should IS Researchers Share or Hoard Their Precious Data?

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Emmanuel Monod, Saonee Sarker, Alan Hevner, Alok Gupta, Michael Barrett, Viswanath Venkatesh, Dick Boland, Kalle Lyytinen 2020 40th International Conference on Information Systems, ICIS 2019

Team Design Thinking, Product Innovativeness, and the Moderating Role of Problem Unfamiliarity

Varun Nagaraj, Nicholas Berente, Kalle Lyytinen, James Gaskin 2020 Journal of Product Innovation Management

High reliability in digital organizing: Mindlessness, the frame problem, and digital operations

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Exploiting and defending open digital platforms with boundary resources

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What Influences Choice of Business-to-Business Connectivity Platforms?

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“Computing” Requirements for Open Source Software

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