Juho Kaljunen

T213 Built Environment
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  • Water and Environmental Eng., Postdoctoral Researcher


Incorporation of main line impact into life cycle assessment of nutrient recovery from reject water using novel membrane contactor technology

Sofia Högstrand, Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Raed A. Al-Juboori, Karin Jönsson, Hamse Kjerstadius, Anna Mikola, Greg Peters, Magdalena Svanström 2023 Journal of Cleaner Production

Membrane contactor onsite piloting for nutrient recovery from mesophilic digester reject water : The effect of process conditions and pre-treatment options

Raed A. Al-Juboori, Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Ilaria Righetto, Anna Mikola 2022 Separation and Purification Technology

Adsorptive behavior of phosphorus onto recycled waste biosolids after being acid leached from wastewater sludge

Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Roza Yazdani, Raed A. Al-Juboori, Charlotte Zborowski, Kristoffer Meinander, Anna Mikola 2022 Chemical Engineering Journal Advances

Phosphorus recovery alternatives for sludge from chemical phosphorus removal processes – Technology comparison and system limitations

J. Uzkurt Kaljunen, R. A. Al-Juboori, W. Khunjar, A. Mikola, G. Wells 2022 Sustainable Materials and Technologies

Newly developed membrane contactor-based N and P recovery process: pilot-scale field experiments and cost analysis

Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Raed Al-Juboori, Anna Mikola, Ilaria Righetto, Irene Konola 2021 Journal of Cleaner Production

Multipurpose treatment of landfill leachate using natural coagulants - Pretreatment for nutrient recovery and removal of heavy metals and micropollutants

Ilaria Righetto, Raed A. Al-Juboori, Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Anna Mikola 2021 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Wastewater treatment with starch-based coagulants for nutrient recovery purposes : Testing on lab and pilot scales

Ilaria Righetto, Raed A. Al-Juboori, Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Anna Mikola 2021 Journal of Environmental Management

Nitrogen recovery from wastewater and human urine with hydrophobic gas separation membrane

Judit Nagy, Juho Kaljunen, Andras Jozsef Toth 2019 Chemical Papers