Janne Hirvonen

T212 Mechanical Engineering
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Building energy, Optimization, Solar energy, Seasonal thermal energy storage, Waste heat recovery

Research groups

  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Visitor (Faculty)


How do Long-term and Short-term Energy Crises Affect Low-Carbon District Heating Production?-A Case Study in Finland

Iraj Moradpoor, Sanna Syri, Janne Hirvonen 2023 2023 19th International Conference on the European Energy Market, EEM 2023

Socio-economic impacts of large-scale deep energy retrofits in Finnish apartment buildings

Janne Hirvonen, Arto Saari, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen 2022 Journal of Cleaner Production

SUREFIT- Sustainable solutions for affordable retrofitting of domestic buildings

Janne Hirvonen, Yangmin Wang, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen 2022 Proceedings CLIMA 2022 : 14th REHVA HVAC Congress, 22- 25 May 2022, Rotterdam

Coupling of the electricity and district heat generation sectors with building stock energy retrofits as a measure to reduce carbon emissions

Ilkka Jokinen, Andreas Lund, Janne Hirvonen, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen, Matti Lehtonen 2022 Energy Conversion and Management

Sustainable heating alternatives for 1960's and 1970's renovated apartment buildings

Iraj Moradpoor, Sanna Syri, Janne Hirvonen 2022 Cleaner Environmental Systems

The Impact of Energy Renovation on Continuously and Intermittently Heated Residential Buildings in Southern Europe

Yangmin Wang, Janne Hirvonen, Ke Qu, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen 2022 Buildings

System modelling and optimization of a low temperature local hybrid energy system based on solar energy for a residential district

Xiaolei Yuan, Lassi Heikari, Janne Hirvonen, Yumin Liang, Markku Virtanen, Risto Kosonen, Yiqun Pan 2022 Energy Conversion & Management

Emissions and power demand in optimal energy retrofit scenarios of the Finnish building stock by 2050

Janne Hirvonen, Juhani Heljo, Juha Jokisalo, Antti Kurvinen, Arto Saari, Tuomo Niemelä, Paula Sankelo, Risto Kosonen 2021 Sustainable Cities and Society

Kustannusneutraalit energiaremontit eri rakennustyypeissä

Janne Hirvonen, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen 2021 Rakennusfysiikka 2021. Uusimmat tutkimustulokset ja hyvät käytännön ratkaisut: 26.–28.10.2021, Tampere. Seminaarijulkaisu 7