Ismo Timo Sakari Rauha

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Research engineer
U400 OtaNano
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Atomic layer deposition, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Cleanroom processing, Photovoltaics, Materials science, Applied Physics, Spatial ALD, Thin film technology


Understanding the multilevel phenomena that enables inorganic atomic layer deposition to provide barrier coatings for highly-porous 3-D printed plastic in vacuums

Nupur Bihari, Ismo T.S. Rauha, Giovanni Marin, Craig Ekstrum, Chathura de Alwis, Pierce J. Mayville, Hele Savin, Maarit Karppinen, Joshua M. Pearce 2023 Surface and Coatings Technology

Fast Wafer-Level Characterization of Silicon Photodetectors by Photoluminescence Imaging

Hussein Ayedh, Wisa Förbom, Juha Heinonen, Ismo T. S. Heikkinen, Marko Yli-Koski, Ville Vähänissi, Hele Savin 2022 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

(poster) Photoelectron Emission Spectroscopy Analysis on the Degradation of AlOx Surface Passivation under Damp Heat and Light Soaking

Ismo T. S. Heikkinen, Hendrik Kaser, George Koutsourakis, Sauli Virtanen, Sebastian Wood, Emma Salmi, Michael Kolbe, Fernando Castro, Hele Savin 2021

Observation of Si 2p Core-Level Shift in Si/High-κ Dielectric Interfaces Containing a Negative Charge

Juha-Pekka Lehtiö, Zahra Jahanshah Rad, Sari Granroth, Muhammad Yasir, Marko Punkkinen, Risto Punkkinen, Hannu-Pekka Hedman, Jean-Pascal Rueff, Ismo T.S. Rauha, Hele Savin, Pekka Laukkanen, Kalevi Kokko 2021 Advanced Electronic Materials

Increased surface recombination in crystalline silicon under light soaking due to Cu contamination

Ismo TS Rauha, Anastasia H Soeriyadi, Moonyong Kim, Marko Yli-Koski, Brendan Wright, Ville Vähänissi, Brett J Hallam, Hele Savin 2021 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Vacuum Outgassing Characteristics of Unpigmented 3-D Printed Polymers Coated with ALD Alumina

Nupur Bihari, Ismo T. S. Heikkinen, Giovanni Marin, Craig Ekstrum, Pierce J. Mayville, Shane Oberloier, Hele Savin, Maarit Karppinen, Joshua Pearce 2020 Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films

AlOx surface passivation of black silicon by spatial ALD: Stability under light soaking and damp heat exposure

Ismo T. S. Heikkinen, George Koutsourakis, Sauli Virtanen, Marko Yli-Koski, Sebastian Wood, Ville Vähänissi, Emma Salmi, Fernando A. Castro, Hele Savin 2020 Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films

Atomic layer deposited aluminum oxide mitigates outgassing from fused filament fabrication–based 3-D printed components

Ismo T.S. Heikkinen, Giovanni Marin, Nupur Bihari, Craig Ekstrum, Pierce J. Mayville, Yuhuan Fei, Yun Hang Hu, Maarit Karppinen, Hele Savin, Joshua M. Pearce 2020 Surface and Coatings Technology

Can hydrogenation mitigate Cu-induced bulk degradation in silicon?

Ismo T.S. Heikkinen, Brendan Wright, Anastasia H. Soeriyadi, Marko Yli-Koski, Moonyong Kim, Ville Vähänissi, Brett J. Hallam, Hele Savin 2020 Proceedings of the 47th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, PVSC 2020