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Countering Indeterminate Temporariness: Sheltering work in refugee camps

Farah Kodeih, Henri Schildt, Thomas B Lawrence 2022 Organization Studies

Proudly Elitist and Undemocratic? The distributed maintenance of contested practices

Mia Raynard, Farah Kodeih, Royston Greenwood 2021 Organization Studies

Competing Through Categorization

Farah Kodeih, Hamid Bouchikhi, Valérie Gauthier 2019 Organization Studies

Refugee Entrepreneurship and Organizing Social Integration

Steffen Farny, Farah Kodeih, Johanna Mair, Nina Granqvist 2017 Academy of Management Proceedings

Responding to Institutional Complexity

Farah Kodeih, Royston Greenwood 2014 Organization Studies