Estefania Isaza Ferro

Doctoral Candidate
Doctoral Candidate
T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
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  • Wood Chemistry, Doctoral Candidate


Upcycling agro-industrial blueberry waste into platform chemicals and structured materials for application in marine environments

Guillermo Reyes, Claudia M. Pacheco, Estefania Isaza-Ferro, Amaidy Gonzalez, Eva Pasquier, Serguei Alejandro-Martin, Luis E. Arteaga-Perez, Romina R. Carrillo, Isabel Carrillo-Varela, Regis Teixeira Mendonca, Colleen Flanigan, Orlando J. Rojas 2022 Green Chemistry

Tertiary amine-catalyzed generation of chlorine dioxide from hypochlorous acid and chlorite ions

Estefania Isaza Ferro, Jordan Perrin, Owain George John Dawson, Tapani Vuorinen 2021 Wood Science and Technology

Sustainable bleaching of Eucalyptus sp. kraft pulp with hypochlorous acid, ozone and hydrogen peroxide

Estefania Isaza Ferro, Kyösti Ruuttunen, Jordan Perrin, Tapani Vuorinen 2021 Industrial Crops and Products

Use of UV resonance Raman spectroscopy for assessing the brightness stability of ozone TCF bleached pulp

Etienne Montet, Estefania Isaza Ferro, Jordan Perrin, Dominique Lachenal, Christine Chirat 2020 Holzforschung

Optimized Catalytic Bleaching Sequences for Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp

Ghazaleh Afsahi, Estefania Isaza Ferro, Kyösti Ruuttunen, Tapani Vuorinen 2019 Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology