Eryang Lu

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Antimatter and Nuclear Engineering, Visitor (Faculty)


Hydrogen effects in equiatomic CrFeNiMn alloy fabricated by laser powder bed fusion

Xuan Yang, Yuriy Yagodzinskyy, Yanling Ge, Eryang Lu, Joonas Lehtonen, Lauri Kollo, Simo-Pekka Hannula 2021 Metals

Effect of interstitial carbon on the evolution of early-stage irradiation damage in equi-atomic FeMnNiCoCr high-entropy alloys

Eryang Lu, Ilja Makkonen, Kenichiro Mizohata, Zhiming Li, Jyrki Räisänen, Filip Tuomisto 2020 Journal of Applied Physics