Edward Ernest Mutafungwa

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T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering
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Channel Characterization at Sub-THz Band with Measurements and Ray Tracing in Indoor Case

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Muhsin Ali, Guillermo Carpintero, Kalle Ruttik, Edward Mutafungwa, Riku Jantti 2023 37th International Conference on Information Networking, ICOIN 2023

Data-Driven Multiobjective Optimization for Massive MIMO and Hyperdensification Empowered 5G Planning under Realistic Network Environment

Seifu G. Zeleke, Beneyam B. Haile, Ephrem T. Bekele, Edward Mutafungwa, Jyri Hämäläinen 2023 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

Power Angular Measurements and Ray Tracing Simulations at Sub-THz Frequencies in Corridor

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Muhsin Ali, Guillermo Carpintero, Kalle Ruttik, Edward Mutafangwa, Riku Jantti 2022 2022 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC 2022

X-Haul Solutions for Different Functional Split Options Using THz and Sub-THz Bands

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Kalle Ruttik, Edward Mutafungwa, Riku Jäntti, Jyri Hamalainen, Eduardo Yusta Padilla 2022 MobiWac 2022 - Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access

Qualifying 5G SA for L4 Automated Vehicles in a Multi-PLMN Experimental Testbed

Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Edward Mutafungwa, Jose Costa Requena, Xuebing Li, Oussama El Marai, Norshahida Saba, Aziza Zhanabatyrova, Yu Xiao, Timo Mustonen, Matthieu Myrsky, Lauri Lammi, Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid, Marta Boavida, Sergio Catalano, Hyunbin Park, Pyry Vikberg, Viljami Lyytikäinen 2021 Proceedings of IEEE 93rd Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2021

Analysis of Drone Propagation with Ray Tracing from Sub-6 GHz Upto Terahertz Frequencies in a Real World Urban Environment

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Kalle Ruttik, Norshaida Saba, Edward Mutafungwa, Riku Jantti, Jyri Hamalainen 2021 35th International Conference on Information Networking, ICOIN 2021

A Data-Driven Multiobjective Optimization Framework for Hyperdense 5G Network Planning

Beneyam Berehanu Haile, Edward Mutafungwa, Jyri Hamalainen 2020 IEEE Access

5G beyond 3GPP release 15 for connected automated mobility in cross-border contexts

Gorka Velez, Angel Martin, Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, Edward Mutafungwa 2020 Sensors

Capacity Demand based Multiobjective Optimal Small Cell Placement under Realistic Deployment Scenario

Ashagrie Getnet Flattie, Beneyam B. Haile, Dereje Hailemariam, Edward Mutafungwa, Jyri Hamalainen 2019 IEEE AFRICON 2019

Techno-Economic Investigation of LTE-Advanced Deployment for Africa: Case of Addis Ababa City

Gizachew Hailegebriel Mako, Beneyam Berehanu Haile, Edward Mutafungwa 2019 Information and Communication Technology for Development for Africa - 2nd International Conference, ICT4DA 2019, Revised Selected Papers