Daulet Izbassarov

T212 Mechanical Engineering
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  • Energy Conversion and Systems, Visitor (Faculty)


Computational fluid dynamics study of the atomic layer deposition process around cylindrical and planar configurations

Gizem Ersavas Isitman, Daulet Izbassarov, Riikka L. Puurunen, Ville Vuorinen 2023 Chemical Engineering Science

Dynamics and interactions of parallel bubbles rising in a viscoelastic fluid under buoyancy

Hafiz Usman Naseer, Zaheer Ahmed, Daulet Izbassarov, Metin Muradoglu 2023 Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

A three-dimensional conjugate heat transfer model for methanol synthesis in a modular millireactor

Daulet Izbassarov, Judit Nyári, Alpo Laitinen, Arto Laari, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Ville Vuorinen 2022 Chemical Engineering Science

Choice of the kinetic model significantly affects the outcome of techno-economic assessments of CO2-based methanol synthesis

Judit Nyári, Daulet Izbassarov, Árpád I. Toldy, Ville Vuorinen, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio 2022 Energy Conversion and Management

Feature-scale conformality of atomic layer deposition from continuum to free molecular flow: how Knudsen number influences thickness profile characteristics

Jorge Velasco Calsina, Christine Gonsalves, Gizem Ersavas Isitman, Jihong Yim, Emma Verkama, Daulet Izbassarov, Ville Vuorinen, Riikka Puurunen 2022

The effect of droplet coalescence on drag in turbulent channel flows

Ianto Cannon, Daulet Izbassarov, Outi Tammisola, Luca Brandt, Marco E. Rosti 2021 PHYSICS OF FLUIDS

A numerical performance study of a fixed-bed reactor for methanol synthesis by CO2 hydrogenation

Daulet Izbassarov, Judit Nyári, Bulut Tekgül, Erkki Laurila, Tanja Kallio, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Ossi Kaario, Ville Vuorinen 2021 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Effect of finite Weissenberg number on turbulent channel flows of an elastoviscoplastic fluid

Daulet Izbassarov, Marco E. Rosti, Luca Brandt, Outi Tammisola 2021 JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS

Polymer drag reduction in surfactant-contaminated turbulent bubbly channel flows

Daulet Izbassarov, Zaheer Ahmed, Pedro Costa, Ville Vuorinen, Outi Tammisola, Metin Muradoglu 2021 Physical Review Fluids

Turbulent bubbly channel flows: Effects of soluble surfactant and viscoelasticity

Zaheer Ahmed, Daulet Izbassarov, Pedro Costa, Metin Muradoglu, Outi Tammisola 2020 COMPUTERS AND FLUIDS