Christoph Felix Hold

Christoph Felix Hold

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering
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  • Communication Acoustics: Spatial Sound and Psychoacoustics, Doctoral Researcher


Compression of Higher-Order Ambisonic Signals using Directional Audio Coding

Christoph Hold, Ville Pulkki, Archontis Politis, Leo McCormack 2024 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing

Magnitude-Least-Squares Binaural Ambisonic Rendering with Phase Continuation

Christoph Hold, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Ville Pulkki 2023

Optimizing Higher-Order Directional Audio Coding with Adaptive Mixing and Energy Matching for Ambisonic Compression and Upmixing

Christoph Hold, Leo McCormack, Archontis Politis, Ville Pulkki 2023 Proceedings of the 2023 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, WASPAA 2023

Auralization of Measured Room Transitions in Virtual Reality

Thomas McKenzie, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Christoph Hold, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2023 AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Sector-Based Encoding and Data Compression of Virtual Acoustic Scattering

Raimundo Gonzalez, Christoph Hold, Tapio Lokki, Archontis Politis 2022 2022 30th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)

Analysis of multi-exponential and anisotropic sound energy decay

Georg Götz, Christoph Hold, Thomas McKenzie, Sebastian Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2022

Parametric binaural reproduction of higher-order spatial impulse responses

Christoph Hold, Leo McCormack, Ville Pulkki 2022 ICA 2022 Proceedings

Resynthesis of Spatial Room Impulse Response Tails With Anisotropic Multi-Slope Decays

Christoph Hold, Thomas McKenzie, Georg Götz, Sebastian Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2022 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Object-Based Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Rendering of Sound Scenes Captured with Multiple Ambisonic Receivers

Leo McCormack, Archontis Politis, Thomas McKenzie, Christoph Hold, Ville Pulkki 2022 AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering Society