Anna Kajosaari

T213 Built Environment
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  • Planning and Transportation, Visitor (Faculty)


Special Issue : Place, Space, and Mental Health

Tytti P. Pasanen, Anna Kajosaari 2023 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Special Issue : Place, Space, and Mental Health

Tytti P. Pasanen, Anna Kajosaari 2023

Analysis of pandemic outdoor recreation and green infrastructure in Nordic cities to enhance urban resilience

Nora Fagerholm, Karl Samuelsson, Salla Eilola, Matteo Giusti, Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Anna Kajosaari, Daniel Koch, Silviya Korpilo, Marketta Kyttä, Ann Legeby, Yu Liu, Søren Præstholm, Christopher Raymond, Tiina Rinne, Anton Stahl Olafsson, Stephan Barthel 2022 npj Urban Sustainability

Similar spaces, different usage : A comparative study on how residents in the capitals of Finland and Denmark use cemeteries as recreational landscapes

Helena Nordh, Anton Stahl Olafsson, Anna Kajosaari, Søren Præstholm, Yu Liu, Saana Rossi, Sandra Gentin 2022 Urban Forestry and Urban Greening

Delineating the geographic context of physical activities : A systematic search and scoping review of the methodological approaches used in social ecological research over two decades

Tiina Rinne, Anna Kajosaari, Maria Söderholm, Päivi Berg, Arto J. Pesola, Melody Smith, Marketta Kyttä 2022 HEALTH AND PLACE

Examining the effects of residential location and stated residential preferences on activity space size and centricity

Anna Kajosaari, Sayyed M. Haybatollahi, Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Marketta Kyttä-Pirjola 2021 Travel Behaviour and Society

Restorative benefits of everyday green exercise : A spatial approach

Anna Kajosaari, Tytti P. Pasanen 2021 LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING

Coping With Crisis : Green Space Use in Helsinki Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Silviya Korpilo, Anna Kajosaari, Tiina Rinne, Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Christopher M. Raymond, Marketta Kyttä 2021 Frontiers in Sustainable Cities