Department of Built Environment

Anna Chrysafi

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Department of Built Environment, Water and Environmental Engineering

Testing approaches to determine relative stock abundance priors when setting catch recommendations using data-limited methods

Publishing year: 2019 FISHERIES RESEARCH
Not published at Aalto University

Data-limited fisheries: Incorporating expert knowledge into stock assessment

Publishing year: 2019
Not published at Aalto University

Eliciting expert knowledge to inform stock status for data-limited stock assessments

Publishing year: 2019 MARINE POLICY
Not published at Aalto University

Assessing abundance of populations with limited data: Lessons learned from data-poor fisheries stock assessment

Publishing year: 2016 ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWS
Not published at Aalto University

Environmentally Friendly Practices and Perceptions in Aquaculture: A Sectoral Case-study from a Mediterranean-based Industry

Publishing year: 2016 Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture