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Otaniemi research infrastructure for micro- and nanotechnologies (OtaNano) is a national research infrastructure (RI) focusing on competitive research in nanoscience and -technology, and in quantum technologies. It offers a wide variety of fabrication processes and equipment for micro- and nanostructures.

The facilities cover a comprehensive range of imaging and characterisation equipment, including electron microscopy, nanomicroscopy and x-ray scattering devices. Key activities within the research infrastructure include ultra-low-temperature conductivity and high-frequency measurements.

OtaNano is a top-level learning environment for young researchers and an international centre for scientific research. The facilities are important for scientists as well as for high-tech companies working with micro- and nanotechnology applications. The RI is a national platform to develop innovative enabling technologies and apply them to practical micro- and nano-systems.

OtaNano enjoys a rare position among Finnish research infrastructures for having over twenty years of international infrastructure co-operation through European large-scale infrastructure projects. OtaNano is is an open access RI, operated by Aalto University and VTT, and available for academic and commercial users internationally.

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OtaNano Coordination
Aalto University at Micronova

VTT at Micronova

Nanomicroscopy Center

Low Temperature Laboratory

Visiting addresses (Aalto University's Otaniemi campus)

Tietotie 3
FI-02150 ESPOO

Nano Building (NMC & LTL)
Puumiehenkuja 2 B


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