Other studies

Studies at other Aalto schools or in Finnish universities

As an Aalto University degree student you can complete studies also outside your own field of study. Some of the studies require an application while other studies are open for all Aalto students. You can complete either individual courses or a minor outside your own field of study.

Studies in other schools of Aalto

You can complete studies organized by other schools of Aalto other than you own school or field. You can complete invidicual courses or a minor.

Aalto minors

Courses (sisu.aalto.fi)

Studies in another Finnish university

NB! The use of Joopas system has ended on 31.12.2021. From the beginning of January 2022, Aalto University will use the university’s own electronic application form.

If a student is registered as a degree student at a Finnish university, according to the national flexible study rights agreement (JOO), they are entitled to apply for a fixed term study right for single courses or minors at any other Finnish university. JOO studies should be integrated in the student’s degree at their home university. Bachelor's, master's and doctoral students can apply for the JOO flexible study right. The university can grant a right to study only for studies that are offered to JOO students, and only when the student’s home university has first endorsed the application.

Contact information

Elisa Murto

School of Engineering

Tanja Nurmi

School of Business

Kati Sumu

School of Chemical Engineering

Sari Salmisuo

School of Science

Alli Palojärvi

School of Electrical Engineering

Viivi Poutiainen

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Aalto University as home university

The student must be registered as an attending student at the home university during the JOO studies. There is a two-step application process for JOO studies. The application is first processed at the home university, after which the application is sent to the host university for final processing. The student can get the home University’s endorsement for studies that cannot be completed at Aalto University and that will be integrated in the student's degree.

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis at Aalto University. The duration of processing applications depends on, for example, other work situations and holidays. The application must be submitted to the home university for endorsement in good time before the end of the application period at the host university, preferably no later than 4 weeks before the end of the application period. The processing time is usually about 2–3 weeks, but the endorsement processing can sometimes take longer. Several universities have application periods. For studies in the following academic year, the application period is in April. For studies in the following spring term it is in October. Applications made during April 2024 need to be submitted to Aalto 21 April 2024 at the latest. Please reserve enough time for processing at Aalto University before the target university's application deadline expires. Late applications are not processed.

  1. The student fills in the electronic application form, in year 2024 as wellhttps://openregistration.aalto.fi/?ff/en/JOO_2022
    • Note! The obligatory attachments to the application are a transcript of records (either link to My Studyinfo transcript: https://opintopolku.fi/oma-opintopolku/ or attached Sisu transcript), and endorsement of the home university. E.g. an e-mail approval from the planning officer or coordinator of your study programme. In School of ARTS, from academic advisor.
    • The studies applied for should be specified course by course.
    • Check whether the host university wants you to fill in their own application. You can use a paper application form instead of the electronic application above, if the host university uses the paper form.
  2. If the application is endorsed, the application is forwarded to the host university.
  3. The host university will process the application and notify the applicant of its decision according to its own timetable.

Aalto University as host university

Instructions for students of other Finnish universities who wish to apply for Aalto University courses: 

Non-degree studies, Exchange Studies, Studies under the flexible study right agreement (JOO)

Other network studies

Instructions for students of other Finnish universities who wish to apply for Aalto University courses: https://www.aalto.fi/en/admission-services/non-degree-studies-exchange-studies-studies-under-the-flexible-study-right.

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